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Hey craft beer and music enthusiasts,

Renaissance couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the flagship can lineup – Center Stage Pilsner! This collaboration with Tulsa’s historic Cain’s Ballroom is the perfect tribute to the energetic crowds that have graced the iconic music venue for ninety years. We can’t wait for you to try this refreshing Italian Pilsner-style beer, with its floral aroma and hint of lemongrass. So come join us at Cain’s Ballroom or our taproom and let’s raise a glass to the music lovers who make our city rock!

Center Stage Pilsner was brewed in collaboration with Tulsa’s own historic Cain’s Ballroom, and we created it to honor the energetic crowds that have graced the iconic Tulsa music venue for the last ninety years. It’s an Italian Pilsner-style beer made with a large portion of German Pilsner malt and noble European hops, giving it a floral aroma and a hint of lemongrass. During the lagering process, we added a small amount of select hops to create an overall dry, balanced, and crushable lager. It’s perfect for refreshing the music lovers who gather at Cain’s Ballroom.

The idea for Center Stage Pilsner came from our small-batch brewer, Kelsey Schumacher’s trip to Oxbow Brewing in Portland, ME, where he sampled their version of an Italian Pilsner. Inspired by the trip, he met with Cain’s Ballroom and received the green light to collaborate on a beer for the music venue. We believed that the Italian Pilsner style beer’s complexity and simplicity made it the perfect choice for the electric crowds that grace the celebrated dance hall, appealing to both average and craft beer lovers alike.

We’re launching Center Stage Pilsner this week, and you can find it at Cain’s Ballroom and our taproom. Distribution of Center Stage Pilsner to local Tulsa-area liquor stores and bars will begin in early 2022. We can’t wait for you to try it!


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