We’re Making the Switch to Twelve Ounce

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Hold onto your hats, folks – Renaissance Brewing Company is shaking things up! We’re making a big change to our can packaging that we think you’ll love. Get ready for the punchline… we’re switching from 16-ounce four packs to 12-ounce six packs! Yes, we know, it’s earth-shattering stuff. But seriously, we’re excited about this change and we think it will make your beer-drinking experience even better.

We’ll be rolling out this change over the course of the year. Our Dragon’s Breath Pepper Beer and Gamma Ray IPA will be the first beers to make the transition to the new six-pack format. These two fan favorites are perfect for sipping all year round, and we think they’ll look great in their new six-pack homes.

Mid-year, we’ll be switching over our Indian Wheat Spiced Hefeweizen and Renaissance Gold German Golden Ale to six-packs. These two delicious flagship brews are staples in our lineup, and we’re excited to see them in their new packaging.

Finally, we’ll finish the switch over at the end of the year with our beloved Black Gold Hybrid Stout. We know that many of you can’t wait to get your hands on this one, and we’re confident that the new six-pack design will make it even easier to enjoy this rich, smooth brew.

Of course, we understand that change can be hard, and some of you might be sad to see the classic four-pack design go. But we believe that the switch to six-packs will provide more convenience and value for our customers. And don’t worry – while the packaging might be changing, the delicious, high-quality beer inside will remain the same.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for Renaissance Brewing Company, and we can’t wait for you to try out our new six-packs. Look for them at your favorite Tulsa area liquor stores and at our taproom. Thanks for your continued support, and cheers to great beer!

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